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Experiments Notification System

About Experiments Notification System

This notification website enables licensees to set up accounts or to log into their existing accounts associated with their licenses to perform several functions including the ability to register new experiments, search for ongoing or proposed experiments, save search results, and add secondary access users to a primary licensee’s account.

The website allows primary and secondary account holders to register their proposed experiments at least 10 days (if using frequencies allocated for exclusive use by non-federal government entities) and 15 days (if using frequencies allocated for exclusive use by the federal government or for shared use by both the federal and non-federal government entities) prior to commencement of the experiments. This website also allows a licensee who set up an initial account to provide secondary access to others within the licensee’s organization and enables the secondary account holders to register other experiments.

This website has a search function that enables the licensees or any other interested party to search for a wide range of experiments in the Experiments Notification System database by a variety of attributes, such as, power, frequency, name of licensee/applicant, location etc. Interested parties have the option of saving search results and requesting that they receive notification of proposed or on-going experiments matching the search results. The notification may be provided via a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed on the requester’s account page.

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Latest Experiment

 The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL)  Call sign: WA3XDS  Experiment ID: WA3XDS-36
Operating frequencies: 9.5 - 10.5 GHz Laurel, Maryland

Operating days, hours: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri ,   8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Status: Effective