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Pay ULS Fees -- Final Review

Use the Pay ULS Fees -- Final Review page to confirm that your total payment amount is correct and to specify the FRN and password to display as the payer FRN and password on Remittance Advice Form 159-E, which is a form that is collected and stored in a database to ensure credit of full payment of money due.

The FRN specified on the Final Review page will display as the payer FRN on your FCC Remittance Form 159-E, which accompanies payment for fees that are made electronically. If you want an FRN other than the FRN used to login to Pay Fees to display as the payer FRN on Form 159-E, enter the alternate FRN and password in the designated fields. Paying wireless licensing fees on behalf of another licensee is an example of when an alternate FRN and password may be used.

Note: To return to the Pay Fees page and modify the wireless license fees you want to pay, click Back. To continue with the filing and payment process, click Continue.

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